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Posted on 2007.07.09 at 09:24
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So, I did it. It, being the word mentioned above.  Yeah, that kinda ugly sounding word which is defined as follows:


I told Mr. Tom that he has one year to propose to me or we're through.  Now, some may say, "But, Copy Princess, why you making such a demand on him?"  To that I reply, we've been together for EIGHT freakin' years!  I wouldn't make this demand if we'd only been going out for a year or two.  He's being a chicken for some bullsh!t reason.  I'm not sure if he thinks I'm superficial or all about $$$, but, I'm not.  I'd rather be happy than well off.

Tom came to visit me while I was in Memphis.  We had a lovely time hanging out & being a couple.  And since it was our anniversary, I asked him point-blank, "Why don't you want to marry me?"  And as usual, I got the deer-caught-in-the-freakin'-headlights look.  I told him that I want kids and I want them with him.  To which, he replies, "Really?  You want kids with me?  Even if they have (insert whole slew of medical catasthropies)...?"  I, in turn, say "D'uh dumbass.  So what if they get blah-blah condition from YOU, they can get or be blah-blah condition from ME!  Or, they could be a total crap shoot and get stuff that neither of us knows about."  So, that's when we started talking more about kids and apparently a lesbian couple that's friends with Tom, more acquaintance with me, asked my better half if he'd be interested in "donating".  This really pissed me off, because ANYTIME I've mentioned KIDS or had the "SCARE" (come on ladies, you know you've ALL done this at least ONCE...) he has gone WHITE.  I then calmly turned to him & said, "Honey bunny, (in my most sickeningly, sweet voice) did you THINK about asking ME what I THOUGHT about this SITUATION?  Because, I know that you've freaked out on me on the two occasions when I THOUGHT I was pregnant."  He responded, "No, I didn't do it.  Stop looking at me that way, Copy Princess.  And I wouldn't even consider it.  Again, stop looking at me that way."

Fast forward a couple days later, and that's when I dropped the bomb diggity above.  We were partaking in a quite delicious apple dumpling from Blue City Cafe on Beale Street.  We started talking again about our relationship, and I started really laying it out on the line.  I told him from my heart that I wanted him to be with me and I want to move onto the next stage of my life (thank you Erik Erikson...) It felt really good to tell him what I was thinking and feeling.  He sat there and took it all in.  In a way, I wish he could express himself more openly, but, ya' takes what ya's gets. 


Kung Fu Carrie
kungfucarrie at 2007-07-09 18:22 (UTC) (Link)
OMG I can't believe you finally did it!! Congratulations! And I'm sure you've given Mr. Tom a lot to think about. He's probably just been taking it for granted that you'd always be around.

As a side note - what's he doing with the school situation since of the drama at Antioch?

copy_princess at 2007-07-10 16:19 (UTC) (Link)
They're just closing the undergrad part of the school. They've invested waaaay too much in the grad school program (i.e. a brand new freakin' huge building off the main drag).

What cracks me up is the fact that Dr. Tellier said the same damn thing to him.
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