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Writer's Block: Wedding bells are ringing

Posted on 2007.06.28 at 14:08
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What was the last wedding you went to? Were you in the wedding?

Wow... The last wedding I was at, and just so happened to be in, was my dear friends Miss Holly & Mr. Brent('cept, I guess Miss Holly wouldn't really be Miss Holly anymore...) It was a lot of fun. And in just a few weeks, it will be their 5 year anniversary. Which is totally amazing, considering how the rate of divorce is in this country. They have a wonderful, intelligent, (and somewhat devilish) little boy, Nayson, (aka Sha-Nay-Nay) and I think how lucky and blessed they are that they have each other. Things may not always be sunshine and gumdrops, but, I think if you and your partner can make it through the tough times, you realize how trivial sunshine and gumdrops truly can be.

P.S.:  BTW Harry, you owe me $5. I *TOLD* you they were gonna make it to five years. Now, seven, that's a whole other story...

P.S.S.:  Tom, sweetie, I wish you'd just realize how much I really love you.


Kung Fu Carrie
kungfucarrie at 2007-06-28 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
Glad you have not been swept away in any floods down there in Te'has.

Carlos was in a wedding a few weeks ago. He also DJ'd, and I took a lot of photos which I have yet to finish editing.

Next weekend is my stepsister's wedding. I'm not in it, but I plan on taking lots of photos again. I also hear there's an open bar. Yay!

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