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New Orleans

Posted on 2007.06.06 at 00:06
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So, I just got back from a trip to Baton Rouge, LA.  My team and I decided for fun we'd drive the hour to New Orleans.  We did the whole tourist-y thing.  We drove to the French Quarter and apparently, we did the "new" tourist-y thing, the "Devastation Tour".  We drove right by the Superdome, and on the infamous stretch of I-10.  It was troubling, because the city still had the horrible scars from Katrina, which we saw first hand when we went for a drive into some of the neighborhoods. 

I think the most troubling scene I saw was that of a house in the 9th Ward.  It was an older house, with a window right by the front door.  In the window was the infamous FEMA "inventory" marker.  The "X" was filled on all four sides, meaning that there were bodies found in that house.  But, there was a small child sitting on the stoop of this house, playing.  I guess what shocked me so much was the fact that a family was still living there (who may have lost members of their family) with that ugly scar from Katrina.  It sickens me with how we are witnessing a demise of a city and nobody seems to know what the solution to the problem *SHOULD* be.  I wonder what the consequences of this storm will be on the city within five years, and even beyond.


Kung Fu Carrie
kungfucarrie at 2007-06-07 00:32 (UTC) (Link)
Interesting - you had been to N'awlins prior to Katrina, right? So you had a general "before" picture in your head. For some reason I think that would make it even more horrifying - although I'm not sure why I think that.

I don't think I would want to go on a "disastour". I would feel weird driving around looking at all of that and not doing anything. But like you said - where to even start? I could see the benefit of the government setting up reconstruction crews, which would be run by locals, so they could be employed and rebuild the city. It would have to be contractual, though, since once the rebuilding was finished, that would be it. But I figure that would last until like 2025 at least. Seriously.

Also - I always kind of felt sorry for Baton Rouge. Everyone always wanted to go to New Orleans. New Orleans has/had the history, the voodoo, the French Quarter, the musicians, Mardi Gras...... and I have no idea what Baton Rouge has. (Maybe a college). And neither does anyone else from outside the area. I imagined residents of Baton Rouge holding a quiet, just-below-the-surface-grudge towards their southernly neighbors, as they pulled in the tourists and were the "cool" city. And now I imagine that while they are glad they aren't New Orleans, they feel terrible for them and are impacted by them - like an older sibling who can be horrible to his little sister, until someone else tries to pick on her.
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